Friday, August 5, 2011

Back in Guatemala

I have arrived, once again, to the lake. I am so excited about this trip as I have rented an apartment for an entire month! I have not stayed in Guatemala this long since the days I lived here in the 80's.
My new home

The mighty camper, camped on my doorstep

First day I got here, I found out that Ingrid and Joerg were here, remember the Germans traveling the world in four years in the awesome vehicle? I meet up with them, did some shopping of course. We found them 2 cortes, took them to one of my sewing guys and had 2 light weight blankets made for their camper. We all had dinner that night with a group of other friends of mine. Next morning, they were gone. Follow these amazing people on their trip at 

Driving up to Chichicastengo
Thursday is always Chichicastenango day. Hopped in the truck and went for a drive through the winding mountain roads to the most famous market village of Guatemala.  This is a giant market from arts and crafts, to food. I need about 6 full days of shopping here to make my shippment.

Main Street Closed to Enter the Market
Rows of Tipica
Weaving sticks, batens, backstrap; everythings one needs to weave

With shopping bags in hand, you start down the main street. Vendors are halking their wares in your face, walk straight, pretend they are not there. Even better, pretend you are not there. Head in any direction and note wonderful things to buy. Then the fun begins, the bargaining, an expected must.  This is my first day back, so touching base with my regular vendors, saying hello to all. I buy a small amount, can't resisit. My main goal is to find some new things, I find 2 new handbags I like and make orders. Some have really cool beading.
I ran into Reid Barnhart!  Yes, the jacket lady of Warrenton. She is visiting Guatemala with a few friends on tour. Too bad, I didn't get a photo and we were not able to meet up the next day.

Jose is running for Mayor, again. This man was one of the first people I ever bought from. He made all sorts of handbags and wallets. He bought 2 of my Doberman puppies and is a very good friend. He has had so much fun being Mayor, says he likes the travel the most.

Back to Pana.  Long days work is done.

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