Friday, April 29, 2011

My Garden in San Miguel

Newly planted tomatoes from Texas

It is Spring up here in these mountains, time to plant the vegetable garden. 
 The growing season is too short to grow tomatoes from seed, many people think you can only grow grape or cherry tomatoes. Not so, I have grown big boys and beefsteaks for the past few years. The big secret is to bring plants from Texas! I put them in a paper sack, throw them in the car, lay a sweater over the bag. So far, I have never had customs look at them. My guess is they would not like that, Mexico has some strict agriculture rules just like the states. They never leave my house, so I guess I am not contaminating any produce. Take a look at my babies this year. These are the best plants I have gotten so far. The seeds go in next, cucumbers, squash, assorted greens, green beans, and anything else I can find in my seed box.

The Cactus are in Bloom!

These guys are strange plants, many blooming for a single day, or morning. 

First, we have the my latest Pataya flower, third one of this season. It is a giant, 7 inches by 4 inches. Blooms early in the morning, lasting a few hours. The cold climate of San Miguel rarely gives us fruit, when it does the fruit is not so good. Too bad, I have to wait for my summer trip to Guatemala for the deep fuchsia, treat to the palette, fruit. July and early August, one can enjoy the fruit from Santiago.

The barrel cactus, caught in the early morning light. These lasted almost the full day.

Let me show you the rest of the garden...

My Aztec Lily

This year they are blooming like never before!

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Garden Door Entrance

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