Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tiny Town of 40 Prepares for Thousands!

 Das Blaue Hause Field, Warrenton, Texas

In the beginning, it's just Texas

Now that we are all home from Warrenton, have placed all the goodies we found just where ya want them, I thought I would show you a few pics from the beginning.  Before the tents all go up, we have to do what all Texans do with their "free" time, MOW! 
Jr. Wagner mowed twice before the tents went up!



We have to unpack everything which might have  been left from the last show.  Here you see all of   Dick's left overs.  Amazing, there are still some   great finds left over here. The wicker chair went   the first few days.                                                  

The tents - they go up with a great deal of work. This year we had 2 storms during the setup weeks. Those tents, they do go down. Heavy winds can twist a tent across the field. Heavy rains can collect in the tarps if the poles are not put down before the rain. Word to vendors- drop your side poles before the rain. I saw so many tent poles bent in a 90 degree angle just from the weight of the gathered water on the tarp.  One held water the size of a big child's kiddie swimming pool, all the poles were a goner. 

The camper spaces have to be marker off. Here is Jimmy  telling us to move our campers.  It would help if he got there when we did. I actually had to move my rig 6 inches! Gotta get those campers packed in.  We live with our neighbors for one month, inches apart. Good thing I have good neighbors, we are just like family!


Finally, the tables are opened, the boxes are unpacked, and we are done. We await crowds and big time fun. See you in September! Come early, Make memories, come to Warrenton. 

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